Copyright / Usage Details for my freeware source code


  SSLWrappers - A set of C++ classes for SSL via SSPI Schannel
CPJNSMTPConnection Logo CPJNSMTPConnection - An MFC Class to encapsulate the SMTP protocol
CPop3Connection Logo CPJNPOP3Connection - A C++ Class to encapsulate the POP3 protocol
CMapi Logo CMapi - A C++ class to send and receive email using Simple MAPI
CPJNSNTPClient Logo CPJNSNTPClient - A C++ class to encapsulate the SNTP protocol
W3Mfc Logo W3Mfc - A collection of MFC classes to implement a Web Server
SocksSvc Logo SocksSvc - A collection of MFC classes to implement a Socks Server
CWSocket / CSSLSocket Logo CWSocket / CSSLSocket - An set of C++ wrapper classes for Sockets & OpenSSL
CThreadPoolServer Logo CThreadPoolServer - An MFC class framework for thread pools
  WinHTTPWrappers - A set of C++ classes to encapsulate WinHTTP
CPing Logo

CPing - A C++ class to encapsulate the PING/ICMP protocol

CTraceRoute Logo CTraceRoute - A C++ class to implement Trace Route functionality
  CFTPTransferDlg & CFTPTransferer - 2 MFC classes to perform FTP uploads / downloads using Wininet
  CHTTPDownloadDlg, CHTTPDownloader, CHTTPDownloadDlg2 & CHTTPDownloader2 - A collection of MFC classes to perform HTTP downloads using Wininet and WinHTTP
  CNominatim - A set of MFC classes to handle Nominatim queries
CRasMonitor Logo

CRasMonitor - An MFC class to monitor your Dial-Up Networking Connections

  CNamedPipe - A C++ class to encapsulate named pipes

CAnonymousPipe - A C++ class to encapsulate anonymous pipes

  CServerMailslot & CClientMailslot - 2 C++ classes to support Win32 mailslots
PopWatch Logo PopWatch - An application to monitor your POP3 mailbox
  MfcCDDB - A set of C++ classes to support access to CDDB servers
IPEnum Logo IPEnum - An MFC class and console app to allow IP address enumeration
  CPJNFinger - An MFC class to encapsulate the "Finger" Protocol (Obsolete)
  CEQD - An MFC class to support retrieval of recent Earthquake information from the USGS (Obsolete)
CCMC Logo CCMC - An MFC class to send email using CMC (Obsolete)