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CVersionInfo LogoCVersionInfo v1.05 A C++ class to encapsulate the Windows Version API

This simple little class encapsulates the SDK calls which access version info from Win32 files. Most executables and DLL's have a VS_VERSION_INFO resource associated with them and this class provides a simple C++ class to programmatically access this information.




The enclosed zip file contains the CVersionInfo source code, documentation and a simple MFC dialog based app which allows the version info details of any file to be displayed.




V1.0 (10 April 2000)

V1.01 (7 July 2006)

V1.02 (14 September 2008)

V1.03 (4 January 2015)

V1.04 (29 November 2015)

V1.05 (2 January 2016)