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Toast++ v1.17 A set of C++ classes to provide an encapsulation for Toast Notifications for Desktop Win32 applications

These are the popups you see from Windows normally in the bottom right of the screen which accumulate into Action Center. These toast notification APIs are exposed as Windows Runtime interfaces but can be used from standard Desktop Win32 applications with some work. The Toast++ classes ease this integration process.


The classes provided are as follows:

CManager provides a class based encapsulation of an IToastNotifier Windows Runtime interface as well as helper functionality for integrating Win32 applications with Toast Notifications.

CToast provides a class based encapsulation of an IToastNotification Windows Runtime interface as well as support for callback notification through this interface. It also provides a method to setup the toast UI via an XML string parameter.

CContent provides a class which allows you to create the XML for toasts using C++ classes and member variables. For more information on the detailed Toast schema, please see

CActions, CActionsSnoozeAndDismiss, CAdaptiveGroup, CAdaptiveImage, CAdaptiveSubgroup, CAdaptiveText, CAppLogo, CAttributionText, CAudio, CButton, CButtonDismiss, CButtonSnooze, CContextMenuItem, CGenericBinding, CGenericImage, CGenericText, CHeroImage, CProgressBar, CSelectionBox, CSelectionBoxItem, CTextBox, CVisual & CWin81Binding are all the sub classes used by CContent.



An example of the demo app running along with a couple of popped toasts is shown below:

Toast++ demo app

The enclosed zip file contains the Toast++ source code and a VC 2017 MFC dialog based application which demonstrates most of the classes functionality.







v1.17 (28 May 2023)

v1.16 (2 May 2022)

v1.15 (11 December 2021)

v1.14 (4 April 2020)

v1.13 (16 September 2019)

v1.12 (22 April 2019)

v1.11 (2 December 2018)

23 January 2018

v1.1 (24 June 2017)

v1.0 (3 June 2017)