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SQLiteWrappers v1.19 A set of C++ classes to encapsulate SQLite

Welcome to SQLiteWrappers, a set of C++ classes to encapsulate SQLite v3. The code below shows a simple example to open a database and add a row to a table called "tblTest" with one text column (without any error handling!):


SQLite3:CDB db;
db.Exec("INSERT INTO tblTest VALUES ('sample text');");


Here's a further example to run a simple parameterized query to do an INSERT on the previously mentioned "tblTest":

SQLite3::CStatment stmt;
stmt.Prepare16v2(db, L"INSERT INTO tblTest VALUES(?);");
char* szData = "More Sample Text";
stmt.Bind(1, szData);


The classes provided are as follows:





The enclosed zip file contains the SQLiteWrappers source code and a simple VC 2017 console based application which demonstrates most of the classes functionality.





v1.19 (11 October 2019)

v1.18 (11 July 2019)

v1.17 (17 April 2019)

v1.16 (7 April 2019)

v1.15 (9 February 2019)

v1.14 (20 January 2019)

v1.13 (29 October 2018)

v1.12 (30 June 2018)

v1.11 (4 June 2018)

v1.10 (18 March 2018)

v1.09 (28 December 2017)

v1.08 (20 August 2017)

v1.07 (29 April 2017)

v1.06 (18 March 2017)

v1.05 (25 March 2016)

v1.04 (23 February 2013)

v1.03 (21 July 2012)

v1.02 (7 July 2012)

v1.01 (28 June 2012)

v1.0 (13 June 2012)