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Annoyed by the limitations of Notepad. This started out as an introduction for a friend of mine to MFC programming and has ballooned into a fully featured text editor.

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As of v2.0, Notpad is being distributed as shareware, that is you are free to use Notpad for up to a month. If after this period you continue to use Notpad, you must make a registration payment to the author.


RegNet LinkRegNet - The Registration Network

You have several options you can use to register through RegNet, including secure online registration. The cost to register Notpad via RegNet is $15.00

Within the US 1 800 WWW2REG (1 800 999-2734)
Outside the US +1 (719) 576-0123
Fax +1 (719) 623-0399
675 Southpointe Ct Ste 250
Colorado Springs CO 80906

Click here to use a secure web page to register Notpad (if your browser supports it).

Click here to use a non-secure web page to register Notpad.


Snail Mail LogoSnail Mail

You can register directly with the author via normal post. Note that I cannot directly accept credit cards. If you wish to use a credit card, then you must use the Regnet option above. The cost via snail mail is $10.00. Remember to include your email address in your letter so that I can quickly confirm receipt of your registration. To register directly with me, you can send a cheque (made payable to PJ Naughter), cash or international money order to:

PJ Naughter, 
Co. Wexford, 


The registration fee is very small and its a great incentive for me to keep improving Notpad. Once I have received the registration you will be given a key which will unlock Notpad and remove that annoying nag screen.



v2.4 (9 December 1997)

v2.5 (2 June 1998)

v2.6 (5 December 1998)

v2.61 (8 December 1998)

v2.62 (24 March 1999)

v2.63 (21 April 1999)

v2.64 (17 May 1999)

v2.65 (9 June 1999)

v2.66 (15 July 1999)

v2.66 (15 July 1999)

v2.67 (20 June 2003)

v2.68 (22 June 2003)

v2.69 (31 January 2004)

30 September 2012