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CMapPin LogoCMapPin v1.10 An MFC class to implement Map pins

Welcome to CMapPin, an MFC classes to provide map pins useful in GIS applications. Here's a small sample of what the map pins look like when overlaid on a bitmap map:

CMapPin screen capture




The enclosed zip file contains the CMapPin source code and a simple test program to exercise the class.





v1.10 (16 April 2022)

v1.09 (9 May 2020)

v1.08 (28 March 2020)

v1.07 (3 June 2019)

v1.06 (30 December 2018)

v1.05 (31 December 2016)

v1.04 (24 March 2001)

v1.03 (1 August 2000)

v1.02 (12 June 2000)

v1.01 (12 September 1998)

v1.0 (13 May 1998)