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EZView LogoEZView v1.06 A image viewer application

Welcome to EZView, A freeware image viewer application which supports the bmp/dib, gif, tiff, exif, png, jpeg, wmf, emf and ico image formats.

I have seem numerous image viewers but none of them provided exactly what I wanted. For such a simple requirement some of the viewer programs I have used were overly complicated or had special requirements.

What I wanted was a nice flexible program, small in size, unobtrusive and easy to use.

So with that in mind here is a list of EZView features:


The enclosed zip file contains the EZView source code, precompiled binary and help documentation. The program is designed for Windows Vista or later. The prebuilt Unicode release binary in the ReleaseU directory in the download is dynamically linked to the VC 2015 MFC DLL. If you do not have this installed then you can download it from If you want to built the source code, then you must have VS 2010 or later installed. A VS 2010 solution is included in the download.





v1.06 (26 March 2017)

v1.05 (21 March 2017)

v1.04 (15 January 2017)

15 September 2004

V1.03 (27 June 2004)

V1.02 (23 January 2002)

V1.01 (2 October 2000)

V1.0 (22 August 2000)