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CEFWrappers v1.04 A freeware MFC Class Framework for the Chromium Embedded Framework

I was looking to embed Chromium recently in a desktop Windows MFC application and was looking for examples. An excellent starting point is from MVP Marius Bancilla. I decided to take that as the basis and implement a fresh MFC sample from scratch using the latest version of CEF. Thus was born CEFWrappers. This is a collection of freeware MFC classes which implement a fully embeddable Chromium window in a MFC desktop app using Visual C++ 2022 or later and MFC.





The enclosed zip file contains the wrapper class source code and a simple VC2022 demo application which exercises all of the framework classes functionality.






Sample Screen Capture

This is the demo application included in the CEFWrapper download in operation on Windows 10:

CEFWrappers demo application





v1.04 (26 December 2023)

v1.03 (20 August 2022)

v1.02 (3 December 2020)

v1.01 (7 March 2020)

v1.0 (17 February 2020)